“DIBIA” is an Igbo (West African Dialect) term meaning “Master of knowledge/wisdom.” The term refers to traditional healers, experts and doctors. The process of becoming a DIBIA involves years of training and many levels of initiation. DIBIA means TRAIN TO BE GREAT!

Our Mission

DIBIA Athletic Development promotes excellence. Our mission is to provide dynamic, state of the art sports and life skills enrichment programs designed to train and strengthen the mind, body and soul of the competitive athlete and prepare them for the most advanced level of play on the court, field, and in life.

About Dibia

DIBIA Athletic Development is a Miami-based company established in 2011. DIBIA transforms clients into athletes through two mediums; Sports Training and the DREAM Enrichment program. DIBIA trains clients of all ages with varying levels of athleticism that live in the continental U.S. as well as the Caribbean, granting DIBIA an international presence that is unlike that of any other sports training agency in the world.

DIBIA provides elite sports training for athletes to develop fundamental skills through detailed analysis of individual skills, innovative drills and dynamic instruction. Our intense training program is designed for boys and girls, ranging from age 7 to professional athletes. DIBIA trains athletes worldwide and hosts camps/clinics in Miami, New Orleans, LA, Bermuda, Bahamas, Latin America* and Nigeria*.

*future DIBIA Camp/Skills sites