DIBIA Athletic Development focuses on developing athlete’s fundamental skills through detailed analysis of individual skills, innovative drills and dynamic instruction. Our staff focuses on the universal enrichment of each player or group through a customized program created to maximize the development of each athlete. Our skillful trainers strive to be positive role models for athletes, promoting life skills through the game they love.

Individual/Group Training

DIBIA Athletic Development individual/group training sessions are designed to teach each athlete the fundamentals of basketball. These fundamentals are sharpened through continual practice and application. Each session may be taken multiple times to increase the athletes skill.

Skills Clinics

DIBIA Athletic Development Group/Team training sessions focus on the fundamental skills necessary for athletes to improve their game. Our Clinics feature innovative drills that focus on physical conditioning, ball-handling, shooting, offensive and defensive footwork, individual offensive moves and structured team play. Also these Clinics are structured to enhance the skills of the athlete’s teamwork skills, increase mental toughness develops chemistry, and competitiveness.

Skills Camps

DIBIA Elite Skills Camps are designed for boys and girls, ages 6 to 17. The camps instruct at all levels from beginners to varsity level athletes. The programs are broken down by age and/or ability to ensure that each athlete will succeed and develop the necessary confidence to help them reach their full potential. We believe that individual attention builds confidence. Our highly qualified coaches provide athletes with quality basketball instruction, team building techniques, and character strengthening guidance.