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Along with providing dynamic, state of the art sports and life skills enrichment programs, DIBIA actively believes in corporate social responsibility through scholarship. As a core value, we believe that succeeding is about far more than our bottom line and includes giving back to the communities in which we do business in impactful and sustainable ways.

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Dibia Community Assist

Please consider supporting Dibia Community Assist by Donating to Dibia Dream. A contribution in any amount would make a tremendous difference in the life of a child and family in need.

DIBIA Community Assist provides financial assistance to those in need through the DIBIA DREAM program. Our goal is that no one is turned away from a DIBIA event because they can’t afford it.

DREAM is DIBIA’s global community outreach initiative that focuses on an athlete’s motivational foundation by bridging together excellence, leadership, scholarship and sportsmanship.

Founder and CEO Brandon Okpalobi is a not only a successful entrepreneur, but equally as important, a devoted philanthropist and
the founder of the nonprofit organization – DIBIA DREAM.

To apply for a sports training or education scholarship, please download and complete the below forms. For more information about DIBIA DREAM Scholarship fund, email educate@dibiadream.org.

Thank you!