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Elite: For athletes who are looking to take their game to the next level. Elite is designed to be an intense training that enhances your strengths and turn your weaknesses in to strengths.
Shot-Class: Focuses on the mechanics of shooting including hand placement, footwork, technique, and getting your shot off quicker.
Dribble Series: Combines dribbling, passing, and moving drills to improve coordination and develop ball-handling skills.
Attack: Focuses on ways to contribute to your team scoring. Includes a focus on layups, mid range jump shots, using screens, free throws and 3-point shots.
DIBIA Strong: Athletes will go through intense physical workouts that focus on speed/agility/core strength/lateral speed/ etc.
Breakfast Club: Athletes who desire to work before everyone else will take this session. Breakfast Club starts at 6am and is an intense total basketball workout for an hour focusing on offensive footwork, movement, defense and ball control.

Please Note: These rates do NOT include gym membership fees and are paid in advance of the training session. 24 hour cancellation notice is required, otherwise you will be charged for that session.